Compassion: Kiss Saves Suicidal Teen


When A Kiss Is Not Just A Kiss


More Than A Simple Kiss

Compassion is a precious gift, both the receiving and giving of it. For some it comes naturally, as seen in the video below. For others compassion requires practice and courage, especially as we are bombarded with images of cruelty in the daily news.

When we learn of compassionate acts between strangers we are moved by it, in our modern era it seems particularly special. When expressions of care and kindness to another we feel uplifted. We can’t help but feel the healing power that infuses both the giver and receiver.

To listen deeply when another is in crisis can change a life — it can save a life.

Imagine having the intuitive reflex to help soothe someone in distress with the simple act of being fully present and not judging. Imagine how meaningful it can be to be kind to a stranger when the other is most vulnerable.



Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.


A young woman made a choice, to help another she lied to the police in order to get close enough to help save the life of a suicidal teen boy who was about to jump. She asked the police to let her pass, to let her get close to him she could talk with him. She said she was his girlfriend.

As soon as she was next to him she asked him to tell her his story.

She listened with an open heart, she also revealed her own past, a secret about a suicide attempt.

They were vulnerable and open with each other.

And then she kissed him — at that moment the police were able to pull him to safety.

The story inspired me, I found it touching and wanted to share it, even though it is not recent news it is a poignant and compassionate expression of humanity. It is a story about taking a risk and making a connection.









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