Regression Therapy: Memories, Healing Integration


Introductory Note. Belief in the experiences described in these pages is not a requirement. Results are what matter. The fact that healing-transformation occurred as a result of the therapeutic sessions described is what matters. Regression therapy, past life therapy, clinical hypnotherapy, the labels are less important than the outcome. Even if the experiences are thought of as pure fantasy, that makes no difference, who is to say that fantasy is not healing? 

It is my experience that guided trance/hypnosis, somatic therapies, plus the inclusion of additional modalities does help people to feel better. Positive life changes are reported physically, relationally, and physiologically. This work is respectful of a person’s inner landscape. From all potential images and sensations that can be experienced by a person, the ones that are needed are the ones that show up in counseling sessions. An experience might feel foreign, not of this life and yet seem to be familiar all at once. Memories from this life that were forgotten can be rekindled (often verified by others). Exploring these sensations and images can help release stress and improve mood and relationships with oneself and with others, something to be celebrated. Imagery, which can include pictures in the mind’s eye, scent, sound, memories, changes in breathing patterns and body temperature, physical and emotional sensations, and feelings of familiarity are all possible. Sometimes the body can exhibit visible signs of the internal imagery that is being felt and described. The healing results that unfold as a result of this type of inner work are what matter most of all.

Traveling Through Time

The following is a description of a physical/psycho-spiritual transformation that occurred for a client as a result of our work together. As mentioned in the introductory note, it does not matter what name you give to this work. Call it the archetypal realm, collective unconscious, or make-believe. The fact remains that insight is gained and health improvements are reported. I have witnessed remarkable transformations time and again. In the case described below, as with others, the presenting health concern was alleviated, confirmed by a doctor and medical lab tests.

Case History: A Memory  

A woman in her thirties asked to work with me to address a combination of emotional, relational, and physical concerns. She began by describing unhappiness in her marriage. However, the most pressing issue for her was that her medical doctor had discovered cellular changes in her cervix described as unhealthy cell growth that would need to be treated. As we talked and almost as an aside, the client described something that had been with her for years, something that she had no logical understanding of.

She said that for as long as she could remember she had been “seeing” something she described as colorful blurry balloons. She had seen this image since her childhood, something that looked very much like out of focus blurry balloons. This was the best way she had of describing the image.

We worked together for approximately 9-months. Our sessions involved dream-work, somatic breath therapy, imagery, healing trance, creative art, releasing pent-up emotions, plus health and lifestyle adjustments. I also encouraged her to meet with a constitutional homeopath. At a certain point in our session-work we came to a natural opening to explore the mystery of the “blurry balloons.” We had developed an ease and rapport with each other and she entered into a deeply focused trance rather quickly. She lay on her back on a comfortable thick mat in my therapy room for the duration of the session. This is what emerged.

She described seeing herself as a young girl of 12-years living in a cabin in the wilderness with her parents. As the story unfolded she said that something happened to her mother and now she was alone with the father. She began to feel his energy had changed toward her, she no longer felt carefree, safe, or comfortable. As she described the images unfolding in her mind’s eye, her voice changed too, she sounded younger and much more anxious, a few tears began to fall.  She described seeing, sensing, and feeling that the father was becoming sexually aggressive toward her. When she refused his advances he became physically violent. As she told her story the intensity and emotion increased, I could clearly see visible kinesthetic responses. She was fully into the experience, showing signs of fear, sorrow, and anxiety, her tears were streaming too. She described running out of the house to get away from him, running as fast as she could into the field. But he was faster and caught up with her, pulling her to the ground and pinning her by sitting on top of her chest.

I am seated right beside her as she lay trembling face up on the mat, a pool of tears forming around her. She begins to cough and choke at the moment she tells me that he has his hands on her throat, choking her — she says he hates her for rejecting him!  At this point in the therapy session I wished I had a video camera to record what was occurring.

As she described the scene unfolding from inside, I witnessed from my external vantage point what she was going through. I began to see physical bruises and finger marks appear on her body, marks consistent with strangulation that were clearly manifesting on her neck! — There was no doubt that I was seeing what she was experiencing. A long-buried psycho-spiritual wound was making its way out of her body through this powerful catharsis. Much of what she had associated with this story, conscious or not  was released in that moment.

I reminded her with a soothing voice that I was close by, that she was safe, and that if she could carry on just a little longer she would discover something of great importance for her healing…  And then it all became clear. She said that she could not fight him any longer and as he was choking the life out of her she felt her head turned and her eyes caught sight of all the flowers in the field, the field she was dying in… And as her vision faded she thought to herself, the flowers looked so much like beautiful colorful blurry balloons!

Afterward, we integrated the session with specific healing methods and then moved into gentle post-care. I showed her the bruises with a mirror, and we watched together as they faded a little while we completed the session. The bruising took a couple of days more to completely disappear. We continued to integrate this session when we next met, tying together many threads, including various fears, the image she had carried all her life, the connections between the remembered abuse and the current cervical health, plus her marriage, and self-autonomy. Soon after this session she contacted me with great news, her pap test had come back normal and clear. There were additional positive shifts that came together for her as well.



I have seen the physical appearance of bodily markings that emerge during counseling/regression therapy in a number of sessions. In one case a client received a scar that was years old at the time we first met. The tissue around the scar became inflamed during our session as she discussed her associations to it and overlapping concerns ongoing in her present life. The events from years past, when she was initially hurt, and the current similar conditions create a kinesthetic bodily response in her.  As we progressed in the session, coming to a resolution, the inflammation and pain around the scar receded quite dramatically, until it practically disappearing before our eyes.

 In another case an image of a dagger was seen by many people during a group breathwork healing class. The dagger appeared on the skin of a woman’s body at precisely the moment she described a sensation and memory of death by stabbing.




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