Over Reaction: Blood Letting (leg shaving) Mishap!


Do you have a story about overreacting?


the scream



Recently my friends told me a story about their teen daughter — who as it turned out has *a bit* of a blood phobia. Her phobia made itself quite clear while shaving her legs in the shower. 




 Monty Python And The Holy Grail


While shaving her legs in the shower she nicked herself and noticed some blood. Being highly sensitive to the sight of blood she jumped out of the shower, wrapped a tourniquet around her leg, and screamed for help… and fainted! (And yes, I did say tourniquet).

Her parents jumped into action, racing to the bathroom to help her. They immediately saw her passed out on the floor, tourniquet and all. —  Fearing the worst they slowly and carefully unwrapped the cloth, wondering if they would need to call an ambulance.

Nothing. They could see nothing wrong at all.



 Only a flesh wound!



Just the thought of adding an image here of the thing that causes me to over-react gave me a shudder.


I overreact to seeing spiders, even worse if one touches me. I usually avoid touch by using a vacuum to do away with them. But even still I have a creepy crawly feeling that lingers with me for some time after an encounter. So much so that I find myself flicking away imaginary creatures after a spider sighting.

Your turn. What are the things that cause you to overreact? Do you have a funny overreaction story?


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