Reading A Rock


Rock Reading

In some ancient traditions, rocks are appreciated for more than just their minerals, they are thought to contain stories, ancient wisdom–a wisdom of the ages.



Grand Canyon


Rocks have been used in a number of setting and rituals cross-culturally for years.
In a sauna or sweatlodge rocks are heated and added to the fire-pit to create warmth and steam to heat the dome where the ceremony occurs.
Rocks are used to build a medicine wheel, a circle used for prayer. Rocks are placed to indicate the directions or the compass, cardinal and non-cardinal placements. The powers associated with the directions can be called forth and held in the rocks. 
It is said that rocks are a member of the oldest family on earth and contain a great deal of wisdom.
Rock Reading
To do a divination/meditation look for a big rock that you are drawn to, one that resonate with you. It is best if it has three or more faces or sides to it.
Ask a question of the rock (asking spirit, the universe, or your inner mind).
Look at one side at a time, looking for images or symbols; it is like tea leaf or coffee grind reading, or the images you seen in clouds –just let your imagination be open to “seeing” the images.
Interpret the meaning of the images seen in relation to the questions asked.
 If you asked, when should I move to this place, or where should I move you are looking for hints to the question within the rock faces.
Let’s say you are wondering about moving to a new city or country, if the images look like snow to you––glaciers, skating, cold, winds––you might interpret that to mean it would be good to move during the winter months.
The different images seen on the various faces of the rock add detail and layers to the question and its answers. The images may look different and yet they interconnect in ways that may seem to open doors of potential.

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