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There are many options when it comes to adult sex toys with designs of different shapes, sizes, and materials. Some toys are intended for internal play others for external. Many are battery operated, which will be less powerful compared to the electric models that plug into a wall outlet and vibrate at stronger intensities. There are also waterproof toys designed for fun in the shower or bath. Adult toys are available for women, for men, and in recent years more have been designed for couples. A new sex toy called, Lovely is one of those that has been created for couples. Its unique selling point, the feature that is supposed to make it different or better than others, is it comes with an accompanying app. 

Lovely is a vibrating toy that fits around the base of the penis and is angled to stimulate the clitoris during penetrative sex.

Lovely sits tight on the base of the penis, it’s stretchy and fits easily. Doing so slows blood circulation making an erection stronger and last longer, the developers say.

I watched their video and I was left wondering, does everything have to be monitored? I’m not sure about this, do I celebrate or mock this toy. Maybe in the name of science I’ll do a test run at some point but as of this moment, I’m not in a hurry to get one.

This toy will appeal to people who feel something is missing and want to add a vibrating cock-ring/clit stimulation toy – with app telling the wearer what’s up and what to do next. A computer sex overseer of sorts.

I think cock rings have their place in adult play as do vibrating toys that can be placed against the clitoris during penetrative/couples sex.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned but I like the idea of  humans communicating with one another during love-making. Sexy talk is more compelling to me than an app gathering data.

The Lovely website says: The Lovely & Lovely App provide you with unparalleled ways to make your sex even better. Lovely sits tight on a base of the penis and monitors your body movements during sex. This data is used to provide you and your partner with highly personalized tips and ideas that make your sex life even better.
If this toy is of interest to you this link will take you to their website to learn more. http://www.ourlovely.com/

Update from Lovely: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/lovely-the-smart-wearable-sex-toy-for-couples#/

It comes down to personal choice and clear communication with your lover(s). Have fun on your own or with your partner… with or without toys. 



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