Fiera: Clitoral Stimulation


Fiera refers to a hands-free suction based device usually worn by women before or during sexual intercourse and is meant to increase their desire for sex and sexual arousal in general. Fiera is operated using battery and is also rechargeable.

Stimulate Your Relationship

Fiera is the first of its kind, hands-free, personal care device for women that enhances physical arousal and interest in sex. Fiera was created with OB-GYNs and has multiple scientific studies showing it works. Fiera helps women who have changing levels of arousal, interest, and vaginal dryness, enter a sexual experience with enhanced levels of excitement and interest.

Fiera uses gentle suction and light stimulation to enhance blood flow and increase lubrication in advance of sex, in as little as 5 minutes.

Fiera is now available with and without a remote control to give you the fullest flexibility in choosing the experience that is right for you.

Note: Fiera is not a replacement for a vibrator as it is designed specifically to spark genital arousal and sexual interest.

Fiera is proven to help you look forward to intimacy with your partner, and strengthen your emotional connection. Rediscover that spark.

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