About Terra

Getting something off our chest, being heard helps us feel better

Terra, I was delighted to sit-in on your women’s group and witness how you compassionately meet people in their darkest corner in their own underworld, and how you shine a light to illuminate a path out of suffering. It was a pleasure to experience this gift of yours.  – Meg, Oakland, CA

When life stories about difficult experiences and complex emotions are shared in private sessions or groups (and received with compassion and opened-minded receptivity) it is then that positive changes and healthy responses do occur.

This integrative healing guidance has helped women and men find insight and relief from various issues that cause discomfort and stress.

When it comes to confiding and speaking about personal concerns and life challenges a welcoming and safe space is the solid foundation that people can count on when entering into this work.

Reveal truth about distressful issues and experiences is the first step to feeling better.


Terra Wise,  Support for the Whole Person

For women and men. Cross-cultural, Integrative, Transpersonal Guidance. Educator, Writer, and Guide since 1983.


California 1991–2009.

Toronto Canada and Albuquerque, New Mexico from 2009-2016

Transpersonal Therapies

Dream & Symbol insight

Clinical Hypontherapy

Nutrients & Remedies ~ Health and Fitness

Somatic Therapies

Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation

Assisted stretch/Thai Massage


Rape Crisis Counselor, Rape Crisis Center. Marin County, California

Stress Reduction: For survivors of trauma and women in recovery from substance and/or sexual abuse.

Somatic Awareness: Coach for athletes and dancers. Meditation and self-reflection. Yoga/breathwork. Supportive nutrients, and clinical hypnosis to improve skills and calm the breath and mind.

Women/ Girls Empowerment Instructor: Adults, teens, college-aged women. Awareness of Personal Boundaries. Saying No.

Instructor:  Stress Reduction & Wellness Support for Corporate Employees.

Workshops: Dreams. Rituals, After-Abortion and Miscarriage Support.

TranspersonalPsycho-spiritual, Body-breath, Somatic therapies.

Dear Terra, I understand why a person would travel hundreds of miles to work with you. There is power and elegance to your work, it’s real and tangible, real life stuff that’s grounded and workable. The ideas we covered have made a lasting difference. Things have clicked into place for me. Thank you. – CC

Glastonbury England