Hi Terra. I feel blessed to have access to you right now.  Thank you for doing this work. It feels so healing to be able to open up completely and tell my story without hesitation or fear. Your words and warmth helped me more than I can say.  Thank you so much for you insights and kindness. ” – Sam, Tennessee.


Dear Terra, When we met I was 550 pounds. I couldn’t walk more than a short distance without having to stop and rest. I didn’t know where to begin to make the changes I needed or how to understand my unhealthy impulses. But I knew one thing, and that was how much I wanted to reset my life and understand my long-held patterns of unhealthy behavior.  I wanted to make sense of my issues with food and weight, to learn their origins, and to get to the bottom of the puzzle. 

I yearned to live a fulfilling healthy life. And through our work together I have accomplished those meaningful goals. I felt your support throughout this long journey; working as a team I lost 300 pounds. I discovered there was a lot more to my beliefs that were driving my responses, much more than just the junk food. I understand now how my complicated behaviors and thoughts from childhood carried through to my adult years and shaped who I’d become. Those patterns had a strong hold on me. My actions (sometimes non-action), self-talk and beliefs were reflected in my size and in my daily thoughts, even when I was not fully aware of them.  

The longer we worked together in the counseling room and in the gym the more committed I became to the whole integrated process. It was not easy to go that deep but the hard work required made all the difference to the outcome. Our sessions carried over into everything I did (and do). The changes touched many levels of my life inside and out. I am so glad to have stuck with it; day-to-day I continue to experience the lasting benefits of insight and awareness.

Terra, thank you for shinning a light on the mystery. Thank you for being my support and coach and for sticking with me even when I wanted to give up. Thank you for encouraging me each step of the way. I am free now, free of that story that no longer serves me.  

With much gratitude, Josh.



I have had sessions with Terra via Skype, phone, and email. Whenever I’ve been off-center and uncertain her guidance has always helped me. Whenever I needed help to see new avenues of thinking and ways of being Terra’s insight and guidance always helped. And even though I live on the other side of the planet I felt as though she were right there with me. Terra Wise is indeed her name: Grounded Wisdom. Her listening heart and professional guidance has assisted me in tuning in to my own GPS, helping me get back on path.

Thank you, Terra. –M.Jay, South Asia



I have known Terra Wise for a number of years and have had the privilege to participate in group process with her and experience her work as a facilitator. Terra has the ability to transcend rigid thinking when responding to a range of concerns. When working with dreams for example, where traditionalists might see one predictable interpretation of an issue that a person is facing, Terra has a refreshing and integral way of significantly and surprisingly expanding ones way of thinking rather than shutting it down, a real art. Terra brings a rich blend of diverse experience to her work. Her professional skills, sensitivity, and compassion combine with her cross-cultural training, teachings, embodied arts, transpersonal counseling, and more — allowing her to truly blend her holistic perspective into one that fully embraces mind-body and spirit. I would highly recommend Terra as a teacher/facilitator for a workshop or course at any institute of education.

Dr. Jane Hart, M.D.



It is my pleasure to write on behalf of  Terra Wise, whom I have known for more than a decade. I am a psychiatrist, teacher and author, and one of the founders of transpersonal psychology. I was founding president of the International Transpersonal Association, and am currently an adjunct faculty member of the California Institute of Integral Studies. Terra Wise has presented her work at conferences of the ITA, both here and abroad. Her background and training in an extraordinary variety of psychotherapeutic disciplines and indigenous healing traditions has made her a unique source of insight and support for women undergoing periods of deep personal transformation.

As a therapist she brings to her work a remarkable capacity for intuitive insight and empathic sensitivity. Her non-judgmental compassion plays an important role in her ability to support women of all ages in their journeys of healing. She also has a rich knowledge of the mythic and archetypal dimensions of women’s experience, a knowledge grounded in long study but also, more importantly, in direct personal experience. She is an effective teacher and speaker, with her lectures regularly drawing enthusiastic responses from audiences enriched by her perspectives and moved by her special spirit.

Our world today is deeply in need of teachers and healers who bring a more spiritually informed view to the whole human being, body and soul. Many women in our time are being required by their own inner development as well as by the pressures of our collective life and the evolution of our society to cross very challenging thresholds of transformation. I believe Terra Wise’s work is of unique relevance in supporting women as they undergo this critical task on behalf of all of us.”  -Stanislav Grof, M.D.


Many people today are feeling a sense of personal urgency and planetary concern, with this in mind I believe Terra’s practical and wise guidance is a timely blessing for us all. She contributes powerfully as a leader bringing focus, knowledge, and compassion to each moment of an individual session and in her brilliant group work. The experience created by Terra and the valuable tools she teaches changes lives. Any organization would benefit immediately from a program with Terra. I am thankful for her work and presence.  – Cris Beaty, Wellness Practitioner, CA



I found Terra to be indispensable to the overall success of our yoga-dance-fitness program for the Laguna Beach Community. Her many fine qualities include an extremely high level of integrity, good organizational skills, and thorough, conscientious attention to details. Her teaching can be depended upon, she is always unbiased and pleasant when interacting with her students, and would serve as an excellent role model for youths or adults. Terra has continuously implemented creative, playful, and stimulating classes that integrate her valuable physical and spiritual knowledge. It was obvious that she was well-respected, trusted, and liked. Terra Wise would be a great assist and positive influence in any organization.

 Susanne Shaw, Recreation Supervisor City of Laguna Beach, CA




Dear Terra, I am entirely grateful to you. We me at a women’s circle, a healing seminar you led. It was my first meeting of this kind and I am so glad to have attended. You guided us in a very empowering meditation about healing the womb, clearing womb/heart distress of any sort due to experiences from the past, and being honest and open about our abortions too. It was when you mentioned something about “honoring our womb experiences” and the brief time spent together with a ‘potential’ prior to miscarriage or abortion that had a significance for me personally; your words about what we felt before having an abortion, that was when my emotions were penetrated to a very deep level.

I realized I had not allowed myself to honor this important time so many years ago. It was my second unplanned pregnancy you see and I did not give myself that kindness the second time around. Perhaps I was too disappointed to be finding myself in the situation again, or it was too painful to acknowledge the sadness fully a second time. And then during the meditation I felt a wave of sadness for not having been more generous, kind, and attentive with this little soul.  Clearly, the spirit deserved more than I had been able to give at that time. I burst into tears and left the room for a few minutes.

You were very kind, and helped me get grounded again through strong, kind affirmative words and touch.  After this unexpected and intense experience of release and healing I very clearly felt that something had opened up and that a powerful receptive space had been created inside of me… Guess what? I conceived a few days later after several months of trying!

Though I just met you briefly, Terra, I am profoundly grateful for your gifts as a spiritual guide and healer. It amazes me that I was able to go so deeply into that unique and special meditation you led after just meeting you, it speaks to your talents! You are an incredibly gifted and powerful woman, and I am so thankful our paths crossed.  And I am thankful too that you do the work that you do, bringing so much goodness into the world. With much love, admiration, respect & gratitude.” – Kay, Toronto



Dear Terra, it is a full 2-weeks and I have not binged on food! I remembered what you said about food and all the connections in my life and the emotional insights we uncovered in my sessions. I went to grab a huge pomegranate recently, instead of the candy I usually go for. And now when I get home I sit down, light candles, and relaxed first. I’m able to calm myself down and get a handle on those impulses with a lot more awareness now. I sometimes just make myself a cup of tea and feel the tension leave and the peace fill me.

I did it, I broke the vicious cycle! I don’t have the urge to binge, to stuff it all down out of fear to let things come up. Thank you for listening to my secrets and letting me express my shame. I always feel so safe with you. I have my courage back. Thank you again. I am grateful for all you’ve done for me. –Val.



Terra, I’d like to thank you for the great session, I felt so good afterwards. I want you to know that the things I share with you, well I have never said any of it before. I never felt safe or comfortable enough to share with anybody else before you. It feels good to know that I can tell you anything, that I don’t feel I need to hide anything in order to be accepted, does this make sense? Anyway, I feel so much relief knowing that we can talk about anything, even the weirdest things I’ve done or thought about. Thank you so much. – B



Hi Terra, about the ritual, I’m so glad to be doing it! I have been thinking and writing so much about our conversation and the wonderful insights that emerged. I will  have some clear words and intentions to speak when we meet. This feels like an important step, even the process of the art work––a special and powerful aspect for me as you know––is calling to me to be done with ritualized focus. I’m so appreciative of your help in this, it’s hard to imagine how doing it alone would be anywhere near as powerful.” – Sarah



Hi Terra. My husband and I reflected on our last appointment with you, it was such a positive step for our marriage, with positive results, that my husband has agreed to see you jointly again, as more big stuff is coming up this week. I want to tread carefully in a safe environment and we certainly feel safe with you. Thank you .– Sara




Dear Terra, My profound thanks to you for your counsel and guidance. With your help I successfully navigated through a very rough period of my life. Your multi-faceted approach gave me powerful insights into my process of struggle and inner growth. I found your intuitive abilities enhanced your skill — bringing in the spiritual philosophy appropriate to my needs (without rigid dogma) worked for me. The depth of inner work and teachings sustained me through some very dark times, thank you. Your generous spirit creates an environment where someone in pain and confusion can calm down, learn, and grow into her own particular future. I feel blessed to know you.” – K.B., Marin, CA




It is my pleasure to recommend Terra Wise as an educator and supporter of women. I have had the pleasure of knowing Terra for several years as a patient and colleague. I believe we cannot lead others where we are not willing to go ourselves. Terra has traversed the landscape of the feminine heart and is here to share what she has learned. She is totally non-judgmental, and supportive. with a great spark of humor. Terra is insightful, professional, and kind. I would be honored to refer my family, friends, and patients to her for her professional services. – Dr. R Nystrom