Seminars: An Overview

Educational-Healing Seminars and Workshops. An Overview 

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Dream & Symbol Insight. 

Dreams have been described as the language of the soul. Dream workshops explore the healing insight they can provide and benefit from the creative boost that comes from tracking dreams. Become aware of the images, emotions, sensations and stories experienced in the dream world. We look at night dreams, the alchemy of dreams, meditations, daydreams, and waking dreams too.– We explore the various types of dreams that are possible, we also look to the power of  group dreams. You will develop your own personalized symbol dictionary, learn methods that increase dream recall, and better understand your own unique dreams.


Creative, Artistic, Playful and Flexible Ideals that Support Healing and Transformation

A ritual does not mean religious, lighting candles on a birthday cake is a type of ritual that many people enjoy and is not one that is associated with religion. Laying flowers at a loved one’s grave is another action that is shared across many cultures and religions. There are a number of ways to mourn losses and to celebrate achievements can be thought of as a ritual without feeling the dogma of a particular religion.

Have fun exploring cross-cultural and yet personalized approaches to experiences of rituals, altars, and experiences of working with symbols. There are many reasons people work with ritual – to mourn a loss, to release and let go of anxiety and stress, to spark creativity, celebrate success, gather insight, develop better health and wellness, invoke wisdom, etc. A ritual can be very simple or a more elaborate ceremony.  Learn to design personalized rituals to help focus intention. We will look at both personal and group methods, flexibility and comfort.

Transpersonal Themes

Healing Imagery, Regression, Senses and Meditation


Soothing Stress Reduction: 

Learn to feel better and lift your mood. Holistic integrative methods to ease insomnia, anxiety, and physical-emotional stress. Breathe more freely. Relax your mind and body.


Breath, Body, Imagery, Movement & Music

Open the body, ease constrictions and deepen the breath. Calm the mind, increase vitality, explore imagery and healing insight. Yoga, assisted stretch, and various methods and healing tools are discussed and put into action.

Womb Wisdom ™ Visit the Womb Wisdom™ Page for details.

After-Abortion Support 

After Miscarriage Care

Healing Support after Assault: Reclaim Comfort, Trust, and Sensuality

(integrative non-bias personal support for women of all ages and backgrounds)

Womb Wisdom: Professional Training for Therapists and Healers

Workshops may include dialogue, music, writing, or more.