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Sessions can help a person feel more confident, find solutions, develop insight. working with personalized integrative methods of support. The insights explored during sessions continue to inform and serve as a guide long after the final appointment is over.


A person starts this work motivated by a particular concern. They discover a safe place to tell their stories and work with ideas and tools that helps them feel better. They find care and support after in understanding relationships, insight regarding problematic reoccurring  life patterns, or understanding ancestor beliefs passed down through the generations. They find a unique opportunity to discuss feelings after abortion or miscarriage. Some clients want to understand their nightmares and dreams. Others look for stress reduction techniques or improved body  comfort. Quite often the initial concern is a jumping off point, when relief is accomplished another layer is revealed–something like a multilayered cake, or a story with a deeper story within it. This work helps with understanding aspects (parts of the self seen in patterns, beliefs, discomforts). Interconnection of these parts contribute to a person’s feeling of harmony and wholeness.


Who is helped by this work?

Anyone with a desire to “crack-open” release limiting beliefs and soothe difficult memories. The people who want to gather insight and let go of struggles for improvement in their overall health, interested in personal growth and insight. People from all backgrounds, cultures, religions and politics are invited, including: moms, dads, teachers, students, business execs, architects, therapists, doctors, surgeons, nurses, psychiatrists, acupuncturists, musicians, singers, actors, artists, writers, dancers, martial artists, scientists, construction workers, engineers, ministers, hospice workers… For anyone who finds themselves at a threshold in life and ready to explore beneath the surface with a desire to return with more vitality and insight.


Types of Concerns and Support Provided for Them Since 1983

Womb Wisdom™  fills a societal void by providing counseling-healing-educational services for women who seek non-biased support and guidance in the days, months, and even decades after abortion.
Guidance after abortion and miscarriage (no blame, no shame, safe environment)

Care after physical and sexual assault

Developing Trust and Intimacy

Melancholy, Apathy, Depression

Teen empowerment


Stress reduction


Meditation/Breath Awareness

Crisis and Transitions

Shame – low self-esteem

Recognize Patterns of Self-sabotage


Somatic/psycho-spiritual concerns

Body aches

Night terrors

Dream-work & Symbol Insight

Athletes: improved skills: somatic-emotional release, focus, flexibility, strength, energy and vitality



Case Example: Obesity 

A client weighing more than 500 pounds wanted help to understand the source of a life-long unhealthy food addiction. It was not enough to simply diet once again, to see lower numbers on a scale. It was time to make deep and lasting changes, time to become conscious of the core beliefs that were driving the obesity.

During the sessions we discovered an interconnected web of unhealthy thought patterns rooted in a cluster of events that occurred early in life. Those beliefs took root as an internal story, formed decades earlier and drove the compulsion to eat and to do things that would create a feeling of being filled-up with love and care. The need to experience feelings that were missing in childhood were replaced with foods.

We worked on a holistic approach to develop a healthy balanced mindful diet, emotional and physical fitness, structured time in the gym, specific writing practices, dream insight, and meditations. As a result of this focused self-reflection positive results extended outward to include improvements in overall health, better mood and attitude, and improved interactions with co-workers, family, and friend. As insights were gained pounds were lost and daily life became easier more enjoyable.

Over time the client was able to consciously release the decades of self-sabotage and unhealthy behaviors. The thoughts, beliefs, and primal emotions that initially drove the unconscious need to fill up the empty feeling with food were understood. As a result health and freedom emerged. To have choice regarding thoughts about foods and long-held beliefs is indeed a form of freedom.

The client lost 300 pounds and has maintained a healthy lifestyle.



When the root of an unhealthy compulsion is made conscious it is possible for healthier choices to become attainable and sustainable too. Awareness provides options, highlighting a path of informed choice and the possibility for a return to healthy body-mind wellness. There is a saying that knowledge is power (empowering too) — I have seen this to be true countless times.


Responses To This Work

“I was guided out of a dark place into the light.”

“I am grateful to have learned all of this about myself.”

“Thank you for understanding and for your compassionate support.”

” The issues I came in with are resolved now.”

“That physical concern is much better now.”

“My relationship is warm and caring again.”

“Those distressing dreams make sense now, they were teaching me something important.”

“My addiction to unhealthy food has eased now that I understand the root of it.”

“The guilt and shame I held onto for so long is finally gone.”

“My depression has lifted.”

“I am so much more confidant and optimistic now.”

“The distress and sorrow I felt about my loss has transformed.”

“I feel at peace.”


Client Case stories found in the top menu



Sessions develop greater vitality, clarity, and inner peace.

Short term counseling encourages positive changes in weeks or months. As few as  6 – 12 sessions can provide the answers and transformation desired. From time to time certain people will continue longer, finding that 10-12 months is more suited to their goals and needs.

My work  combines 30-years experience of cross-cultural, transpersonalintegrative methods. Sessions are suited to each person.  Time per session is generally one hour or can be extended as needed and mutually agreed upon.


Private sessions are arranged by appointment, via phone, Skype (audio or video), and in-person when possible. Group sessions are offered via tele-conferences and in-person.



Dear Terra, After our session I did not feel the slightest bit of fear or the depression that I’d been shadowed by for so long. I felt wonderful and I’m very happy to report that I’ve been doing very well ever since our session weeks ago! Thank you so much for guiding me in this most precious gift of healing.”-Liza