Regression Therapy: Memories, Healing Integration


Introductory Note. Belief in the experiences described in these pages is not a requirement. Results are what matter. The fact that healing-transformation occurred as a result of the therapeutic sessions described is what matters. Regression therapy, past life therapy, clinical hypnotherapy, the labels are less important than the outcome. Even if the experiences are thought of as pure fantasy, that makes no difference, who is to say that fantasy is not healing? 

It is my experience that guided trance/hypnosis, somatic therapies, plus the inclusion of additional modalities does help people to feel better. Positive life changes are reported physically, relationally, and physiologically. This work is respectful of a person’s inner landscape. From all potential images and sensations that can be experienced by a person, the ones that are needed are the ones that show up in counseling sessions. An experience might feel foreign, not of this life and yet seem to be familiar all at once. Memories from this life that were forgotten can be rekindled (often verified by others). Exploring these sensations and images can help release stress and improve mood and relationships with oneself and with others, something to be celebrated. Imagery, which can include pictures in the mind’s eye, scent, sound, memories, changes in breathing patterns and body temperature, physical and emotional sensations, and feelings of familiarity are all possible. Sometimes the body can exhibit visible signs of the internal imagery that is being felt and described. The healing results that unfold as a result of this type of inner work are what matter most of all.

Traveling Through Time

The following is a description of a physical/psycho-spiritual transformation that occurred for a client as a result of our work together. As mentioned in the introductory note, it does not matter what name you give to this work. Call it the archetypal realm, collective unconscious, or make-believe. The fact remains that insight is gained and health improvements are reported. I have witnessed remarkable transformations time and again. In the case described below, as with others, the presenting health concern was alleviated, confirmed by a doctor and medical lab tests.

Case History: A Memory  

A woman in her thirties asked to work with me to address a combination of emotional, relational, and physical concerns. She began by describing unhappiness in her marriage. However, the most pressing issue for her was that her medical doctor had discovered cellular changes in her cervix described as unhealthy cell growth that would need to be treated. As we talked and almost as an aside, the client described something that had been with her for years, something that she had no logical understanding of.

She said that for as long as she could remember she had been “seeing” something she described as colorful blurry balloons. She had seen this image since her childhood, something that looked very much like out of focus blurry balloons. This was the best way she had of describing the image.

We worked together for approximately 9-months. Our sessions involved dream-work, somatic breath therapy, imagery, healing trance, creative art, releasing pent-up emotions, plus health and lifestyle adjustments. I also encouraged her to meet with a constitutional homeopath. At a certain point in our session-work we came to a natural opening to explore the mystery of the “blurry balloons.” We had developed an ease and rapport with each other and she entered into a deeply focused trance rather quickly. She lay on her back on a comfortable thick mat in my therapy room for the duration of the session. This is what emerged.

She described seeing herself as a young girl of 12-years living in a cabin in the wilderness with her parents. As the story unfolded she said that something happened to her mother and now she was alone with the father. She began to feel his energy had changed toward her, she no longer felt carefree, safe, or comfortable. As she described the images unfolding in her mind’s eye, her voice changed too, she sounded younger and much more anxious, a few tears began to fall.  She described seeing, sensing, and feeling that the father was becoming sexually aggressive toward her. When she refused his advances he became physically violent. As she told her story the intensity and emotion increased, I could clearly see visible kinesthetic responses. She was fully into the experience, showing signs of fear, sorrow, and anxiety, her tears were streaming too. She described running out of the house to get away from him, running as fast as she could into the field. But he was faster and caught up with her, pulling her to the ground and pinning her by sitting on top of her chest.

I am seated right beside her as she lay trembling face up on the mat, a pool of tears forming around her. She begins to cough and choke at the moment she tells me that he has his hands on her throat, choking her — she says he hates her for rejecting him!  At this point in the therapy session I wished I had a video camera to record what was occurring.

As she described the scene unfolding from inside, I witnessed from my external vantage point what she was going through. I began to see physical bruises and finger marks appear on her body, marks consistent with strangulation that were clearly manifesting on her neck! — There was no doubt that I was seeing what she was experiencing. A long-buried psycho-spiritual wound was making its way out of her body through this powerful catharsis. Much of what she had associated with this story, conscious or not  was released in that moment.

I reminded her with a soothing voice that I was close by, that she was safe, and that if she could carry on just a little longer she would discover something of great importance for her healing…  And then it all became clear. She said that she could not fight him any longer and as he was choking the life out of her she felt her head turned and her eyes caught sight of all the flowers in the field, the field she was dying in… And as her vision faded she thought to herself, the flowers looked so much like beautiful colorful blurry balloons!

Afterward, we integrated the session with specific healing methods and then moved into gentle post-care. I showed her the bruises with a mirror, and we watched together as they faded a little while we completed the session. The bruising took a couple of days more to completely disappear. We continued to integrate this session when we next met, tying together many threads, including various fears, the image she had carried all her life, the connections between the remembered abuse and the current cervical health, plus her marriage, and self-autonomy. Soon after this session she contacted me with great news, her pap test had come back normal and clear. There were additional positive shifts that came together for her as well.



I have seen the physical appearance of bodily markings that emerge during counseling/regression therapy in a number of sessions. In one case a client received a scar that was years old at the time we first met. The tissue around the scar became inflamed during our session as she discussed her associations to it and overlapping concerns ongoing in her present life. The events from years past, when she was initially hurt, and the current similar conditions create a kinesthetic bodily response in her.  As we progressed in the session, coming to a resolution, the inflammation and pain around the scar receded quite dramatically, until it practically disappearing before our eyes.

 In another case an image of a dagger was seen by many people during a group breathwork healing class. The dagger appeared on the skin of a woman’s body at precisely the moment she described a sensation and memory of death by stabbing.




Note: This information is not intended to take the place of your physician’s guidance. For information related to your own hormonal needs, check with your health-care provider. No matter if you have been prescribed high dose Prometrium because of previous miscarriages or low dose to prevent pregnancy, or if you are in treatment for fertility support, please do consult with your physician when it comes to your own personal hormonal therapy.

Originally written, April 2011

Post-menopausal women often cycle with 100-200 mg of Prometrium to protect their uterus. Depending on the dosage of estrogen their need for progesterone will vary from as infrequently as once every second or third month to much more often if a woman’s estrogen levels are high.

The need for progesterone, and then its withdrawal after 10-14-days of high dosage, is what causes the shedding of the uterine lining if there is a build-up of blood.

Women have different responses to Prometrium cycling but almost everyone notices the sleepiness it most often causes and that’s why it is taken at bedtime. Many women enjoy the benefit of the deep sleep that results from Prometrium. However, there are numerous reports regarding one of the disturbing side-effects discussed by women. The awful nightmares that occur, sometimes the nightmares are so disturbing that women will avoid cycling with it altogether.


Note: I experienced early ovarian failure. With very low estrogen levels I was pre-menopausal in my mid-thirties, my last period was at age forty. My estrogen was so low ( like that of a 10-year girl my doctor said) that I really did not need progesterone, rarely if at all. However, once, maybe twice a year, I would cycle progesterone, though I only did this a few times because I never had much estrogen build up, also, the side-effects were most uncomfortable. I was one of the women who suffered terrible nightmares when taking oral Prometrium. It was awful to experience 2-weeks of extreme fear that would grip me each night while cycling the hormone. It was on the advice of my doctor, once I told her I won’t go through it anymore, that I learned about the following off-label method. Thankfully it worked for me.

The Problem of Nightmares

Nightmares occur for many women when the oral  soft-gel Prometrium tablets are swallowed by mouth and have to pass through digestion and the liver. A solution for avoiding nightmares, reported to work by many women including myself, is to insert the tablets vaginally just before bedtime where they melt and are absorbed by the blood directly. This method provides the uterine benefits of the progesterone without the uncomfortable side-effect of the nightmares when the capsules are swallowed and have to pass through the digestive system.  The vaginal method also seems to reduce uncomfortable side-effects that can be experienced by some women when taking high doses of progesterone for 10-14 days.


Progesterone is one of the naturally occurring female sex hormones. It is prescribed for some women in combination with post-menopausal estrogen replacement therapy to prevent estrogen from building up and thickening the lining of the uterus.

The shedding of the lining which builds up with estrogen use for some women is required to protect the uterus and reduce the risk of endometrial cancer.

Prometrium is used for women who have a uterus. The vaginal use of Prometrium (instead of oral) eliminates the side-effect of nightmares that often accompany oral ingestion.

Everyone woman has her own experiences with hormonal fluctuations during pre and post menopause, it can take some time to figure out what works best for an individual. It’s a bit of a juggling act at first until it is known which hormones are best suited. There are many options of delivery and dosages to explore with creams, liquids, patches, and capsules to choose from. 

Everyone woman has her own experiences with hormonal fluctuations and symptoms associated with pre and post menopause. If you are a woman who has experienced nightmares while taking high doses of Prometrium capsules ask your doctor about vaginal insertion at bedtime as an alternative method. It may be a way for you to get the benefits without the side-effects.

Good luck!







Into the Mystic


Rock Your Gypsy Soul


Certain songs are a brilliant blend of melody, lyric, voice, and pacing, Into the Mystic, written by Irish singer-songwriter Van Morrison and featured on his 1970 album Moondance, is one of those very special songs.

I got to thinking about this song when I heard it on the car radio. It’s one of those songs I feel compelled to stay and listen to right through to the end, even though I’ve reached my destination, even though I’ve heard it countless times. It is really a remarkably beautiful song.

A ‘Rolling Stone’ review by Greil Marcus and Lester Bangs described the importance of the song on the album Moondance this way: “Into the Mystic’ is the heart of Moondance, the music unfolds with a classic sense of timing, guitar strums fading into watery notes on a piano, the bass counting off the pace.

The lines of the song and Morrison’s delivery of them are gorgeous: ‘I want to rock your gypsy soul/Just like in the days of old/And magnificently we will fold/Into the mystic. 

Another review described it as “a song of such elemental beauty and grace as to stand as arguably the quintessential Morrison moment.”

 According to a survey made by BBC, the song with its soothing calm and medium-paced tempo is among the most popular songs that doctors listen to while operating.



Into the Mystic Lyrics

We were born before the wind

Also younger than the sun

Ere the bonnie boat was won as we sailed into the mystic


Hark, now hear the sailors cry

Smell the sea and feel the sky

Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic


And when that fog horn blows I will be coming home

And when the fog horn blows I want to hear it

I don’t have to fear it


And I want to rock your gypsy soul

Just like way back in the days of old

And magnificently we will flow into the mystic

When that fog horn blows you know I will be coming home

And when that fog horn whistle blows I got to hear it

I don’t have to fear it


And I want to rock your gypsy soul

Just like way back in the days of old

And together we will flow into the mystic

Come on girl… Too late to stop now…






Somatic Therapy: Breath-Body-Mind


Dear Terra,  I’ve had pain in my body for as long as I can remember with joint pain and scoliosis that made it hard for me to go a day without pain medicine, that is until my healing session with you. The combination of what you did was incredible. The deep listening, breath-work, gentle touch, assisted yoga,  props and pillows to help my body relax, and the powerful imagery all worked like magic for me. Today I can breathe so deeply and my body feels more flexible than I ever remember. I slept well for the first time in ages. I look forward to our next session.  Thank you, Sue



Soma is defined medically as the body of an organism. Somatic refers to, or of relating to, or affecting the body. Psyche, from Greek psyche (soul) is thought of as breath, spirit, soul, the mind, or the personality.









The medicinal power of physical touch has been known to people from cultures across the planet since the beginning of recorded history allowed us to learn of it. When focused touch is combined with deep listening, mindful dialogue, and breath-work it can lead to insight and healing possibilities.


The Power of Touch

Soothing, calming, nurturing

Eases experiences of fear and shock

Creates physical warmth

Increases blood circulation

Energize muscles and boost energy

Can lull a baby (or adult) to sleep

Can express love and emotional warmth

Can work as a form of transformative therapy


At one time Western medicine believed there was no connection between the body and mind (psyche). In recent decades medical research and reports from doctors and  patients have demonstrated an interrelationship between the physical body, emotions and mind. This connection is ancient knowledge to many traditions such as meditation, yoga, martial arts, acupuncture, and Ayurvedic medicine.

Brain imagining scans reveal that a focused mind increases wellness. The cardiologists, fertility specialists, surgeons, pain specialist, and psychiatrists who study health of the body, brain, and emotional health have found compelling evidence supporting holistic connections between the body-mind and healing.

Olympic coaches and athletes also know of the importance of a focused mind to help improve fitness goals and health. Mind training helps athletes with performance, confidence, and to accomplish goals.

Somatic therapy unites the fragmented parts into healthy wholeness. Massage, assisted yoga, focused dialogue, breath-work, meditation, relaxation techniques and use of sound are some of the methods used.

Some people describe memories surfacing or receiving insight about physical and emotional pain, plus creativity and vitality are enhanced.  Relief from chronic pain, improvements in strength, flexibility,  and lowering of stress levels result as well.


The results of this work are unique for each person, though most everyone will experience deeper more fluid breath, an easing of constriction in the body, greater flexibility, and psycho-spiritual insight. Understanding of the personal beliefs that originally shaped the condition are almost always better understood. Somatic therapy is understood to mean more than the body as it refers to integrated health and wellness.

Therapist and client work from a foundation of heart-to-heart respectful communication. Though most often done in person on a mat or massage table, it is possible to experience results  working with focused attention, breath, and dialogue via phone or skype.


photos © 2011 Terra Wise













John Lennon

At the time of this original writing it was 25 -years since Lennon’s death.




Remembering John Lennon on Dec 8, 2005

Some memories stand out because of the joy they bring, and sadly many stay with us because of the terrible shock and sorrow that surrounds them. Certain losses are felt by an entire culture as a tragedy.

On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated as he rode in a motorcade through Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, Texas. I was a child living in Toronto, just shy of my sixth birthday, but even at such a young age I knew something serious had happened. Walter Cronkite broke into the regular television programming to announce that JFK had been shot and killed. The illusion that the world was a safe place, even from the perspective of a young child, was shattered.  A great wave of sadness and disbelief overwhelmed people the world over. In the blink of an eye everything that seemed normal had shifted. It was like that for me  when Lennon was killed.

Today, December 8 2005, is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the senseless killing of John Lennon, shot by a selfish man who wanted to be famous by being the person to silence one of our musical and cultural heroes. That day and those events are remembered by masses of people. His death stunned us. We can describe where we were, what we were doing, who we were with, how we reacted in the moments and days afterward. It seemed as if the world had experienced a deep shock, the kind that rips apart our sense of normalcy.

On the day it happened I was in California visiting a friend. We had been enjoying a wonderful evening out. When we returned her house-mate met us at the door sobbing and told us John Lennon had been shot and had died. My initial response was shock and anger.

I recalled the other times I’d received news of unexpected deaths of young family members and the initial feelings of anger and disbelief that accompanied it. I yelled, why on earth would you make up such an obscene and cruel lie? It seemed impossible to fathom, no way John Lennon could have been shot, let alone be dead!

We sat down to watch the news reports, we cried for hours. But more than that, it was a tidal wave of grief that swept over me. I felt saturated in a depth of sadness that lasted a very long time.

And yet, it also  served as an igniting spark that caused me to shift my life direction in significant ways. At   home again in Toronto, I was isolated, alone, and lonely on the night when I watched masses of people gather from all around the world to mourn John Lennon. Images of candle vigils and people singing his songs in cities everywhere was profoundly moving. I too lit candles, becoming a part of the community of people sharing in our grief and contemplation, and thankful too that we had been blessed by the creative genius of John Lennon.



We each have our own way of coping with powerful events. Many times these experiences send out ripples of change, breaking up stagnation and creating new life trajectories. My own life was altered in so many important ways after Lennon’s death. I had a miscarriage soon after arriving back in Toronto after my trip to California. I ended my marriage, and redirected my life and my choices. I began to think and live differently. 

And, I started to have John Lennon dreams, lots of them over the course of many years. The dreams had an uplifting tone to them, leaving me with a feeling of optimism. It was a curious mix though, the sadness about Lennon’s death with an excitement about the creative messages that came from him in the dream world.

And how about you? How did Lennon’s death impact you; are you living the life you want to be in the years since?

~ Terra

 Note: Dec 11, 2012. Today I read an article stating that the album signed by John Lennon, the one owned by his murderer Mark Chapman, is going up for auction. I wish that were not the case.

Dec 17, 2012 I watched a PBS documentary on Lennon’s years in New York and LA, through the 70s until his death in 1980. The next morning I dreamt about him once again.





Women, Pleasure, and Sexual Sounds








Women’s Sex Noises Have Little To Do With Their Orgasms


 A few thoughts here regarding another sex-survey. This one described the sounds women make during sex with men, and the “discovery” that young women who made sounds during sex and orgasm do not necessarily orgasm.

 Their sounds were not proof of pleasure.


The women revealed that they manipulate their sex sounds to make their partner orgasm faster so they could end their encounters faster. 

The average age of the women questioned was only 22.

A heterosexual male friend, who read the article asked me my thoughts on it.  I pointed out that the subjects of the study were all young women, only 22-years of age. Since the survey excluded a fuller range of age and sexually experienced women, women more comfortable with themselves and their sexuality– the study did really not give a full picture.

I have little respect for these studies that all too often focus only on this very narrow age group of women in their 20’s. Seriously, do they really think women in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s do not have sex? How about surveying women with life experience. And yet, time and again I see these sexuality studies mainly based on this very limited demographic.

If the study had included women twice that age and older — and some women with more confidence, then it would have resulted in a very different conclusion I responded to him.


And he asked, Would that mean their sexual sounds would be louder?”


No, it does not mean their sex sounds would be louder. Louder is not proof of better.


Sexual sounds and the connection they have to pleasure and/or orgasm are not gauged by loudness.

Women who fake it can do so at a very high volume if they choose to. Whereas a confidant woman, a woman with some life experience, self-knowledge, and trust has little inhibition when it comes to being authentic and true to herself during her sexual encounters.

This kind of woman is a good communicator, truthful with her needs, interests, and fears too. And when it comes to her sex sounds, be they loud screams or quiet whimpers or purrs, she is comfortable being honest with herself and her partner.


This kind of woman allows for the natural expression of her pleasure sensation to flow without inhibition or pretend acting. There is no need for faking it. A confidant woman, comfortable in her sexuality, would not make fake sex sounds for performance sake only. She would not make sounds to manipulate her lover.

I whole heartedly agree that sounding during sex when natural can be liberating and enhance pleasure for both people. Sexual experiences without the pretending are true and pleasurable.

Sounds increase good feelings for many women. To enjoy sexual fulfillment some things need to be present at her core. Self-assurance, the ability to communicate truthfully and with compassion, having comfort and trust. All of those qualities enhance pleasure.


Feeling safe is a key to surrender.


When a woman trusts her partner enough to surrender, enough to express her likes and dislikes without fear of hostility or rejection — when she feels safe enough to let go completely and open herself to her lover and her own sensations, then her pleasure will be set free without inhibition or need for manipulation.

The expression of her sounds will spontaneously arise from a deep, true, and exhilarating place from within her core and that song of joy will be shared with her lover, naturally.

Being true to herself and not faking or molding herself to fit to another’s expectation then of course her truth sounds will be heard.

The authentic sounds of pleasure heard during love-making develop from intimacy and trust… Intimacy does not depend on loudness. Trust and communication can speak in tender whispers too.




Here is the link for the original survey article:











Something Different with Music & Culture


Music and Culture

by Terra Wise originally written on Sunday, May 15, 2011

Die Walküre: A Stream of consciousness…

You know how sometimes you are in the car and a great song comes on the radio and even though you have reached your destination you can’t get out of the car until the song is over? Most often for me those songs are in the classic rock genre, something from the Joshua Tree album, or a Zep or Stones song, sometimes a fresh alternative style guitar jam — but not today. 

Today, I caught a live opera stream from the NY Met (it was the discussion between acts). I listened to the interviews and became interested, remaining in the car… and when it was announced the third act was coming up soon for some reason, even though it was a Wagner opera, I decided to listen and was reminded that an opera act takes a lot longer than a rock song!

After so many years of deliberately avoiding Wagner’s work and ugly prejudices, I listened… Maybe it is because I am getting older, or it was an exercise in Alzheimer’s prevention — research indicates that doing new things such as listening to alternative and new music, languages, points of view, or reading something new, is good for our brain. Doing things out of the ordinary, outside of the usual comfort zone is a method toward a healthier brain. And so I decided to set aside my negative block and listen to Wagner.

Perhaps some readers will remember (from back in the day) a very silly and funny SNL skit ‘Vikings and Beekeepers’ with John Belushi — well this Met performance was nothing like that, it was at the opposite end of the spectrum… just so AMAZING!

‘Die Walküre’ Act III “The Ride of the Valkyries” and the entire act live from the Met was a magnificent performance. The incredible sounds! The orchestra with its power of the individual and group voices, their skills as artists gave me goose bumps. I found myself breathing deeply too (opera singer style breaths)…

Truthfully, I still feel horribly uneasy that Wagner was a disgusting bigot, a hater of people, and that he influenced other haters… but despite that, I am glad I opened my mind to this experience; the opera left me speechless for a little while.




Musing to the Thump: A Call to the Threshold



The Threshold

Terra Wise May, 2011

Thump… bump-bump. Out of the silence and darkness, up from the stillness came the awareness, an awareness of the sound. Subtle at first, but soon becoming more and more persistent.

Thump, bump-bump. Is it my heartbeat? Maybe it is.

The sound I try to understand certainly has made me aware of my heart pounding, reacting with a measure of fear, increasing in its intensity, I cannot seem to quiet the interior thumps as I strain to understand the external ones.

Thump bump-bump, now drumming on the inside and out.


Slowly it occurs to me, I must have woken, each time I react to this fact in the same way, as if struck by a true miracle. I am awake once again from the mystery of sleep, one moment there is nothingness and next comes awareness, self-awareness. Yes, ok, I have established I am awake (at least I hope so, I think so).


I have made it through another night. I am alive again, returned from the land of sleep, birthed into a new day… this never ceases to amaze me. But what is that noise, that sound? Mind moving, highly alert now and tracking… Focused on moving my attention outward into the realm of greater external awareness.

Paying attention…

Ok, I hear the wind in the trees, a beautiful sound I recognize, ah, the leaves are awake with me.

Thump bump-bump … pause … Thump bump-bump…

Yes of course that must be it, the wind nudging at the door, an easy enough answer sure enough, and the solution equally easy, just close the window.

Thump-bump-bump… hmm, ok, close them a little more — fine, all the way shut now.


But how can this be?! Thump, bump-bump, the door continues to speak with its morse code of thumps and bumps, yet the logical cause has been dealt with.


The large pane of glass next to the drumming door is silent and still. I press my ear and cheek against the coolness of it, palms opened wide, fingers touching, sensing. Odd, there is no vibration, only stillness while the door immediately next to the widow seems to be dancing, agitated, drumming and sounding an alarm.


What is going on?


 In the next instant it is suddenly completely quiet, allowing an interior door in my mind to open. If it were possible to feel such a thing, an invitation has arrived.


The door seems to be beckoning, calling me to move through the divide from this side to the other… I know too that whatever is on the other side is not of this world, not what has been here in all the previous days. Something immense has changed and it resides just on the other side of the door.


A magnetic force, a pulling has me convinced, I could easily cross through the pane of glass if I desired, but the door has started its song and dance again, louder and more forceful than before.


The doorknob too, it has begun to turn, to rotate, a moment prior to my hand even touching it…


I had only imagined my hand on the handle. THUMP BUMP-BUMP!!


The door is speaking louder and louder, more insistent now. I have no choice, as if compelled I turn the handle and ever so slowly I open the door. What is that magical fragrance I wonder as I step across the threshold…


Polite Pleasures

 Life’s Simple Pleasures










I heard some grumbling about the recently, really?! Have all polite manors disappeared?

To hold a door for someone is a kind gesture, give it a try.

And when someone opens or holds a door for you, the door opener is being polite and gracious, to receive that gift with a smile and thank-you does not make you weak.


Acknowledge the gesture, both of you can enjoy a moment of shared graciousness and warmth.


A Simple Health & Beauty Tip!


The number one beauty tip


Stand up straight, posture is great!

Good posture helps you look taller, thinner, stronger, more graceful, and more youthful too!

Number one beauty tip for women and men and anyone in between, if you do not have a physical disability that prevents it — stand up straight.